Message of President

pix_04Welcome to QL International Education!

Thanks to the trust, encouragement and support of parents, QL International Education takes the time to highlight the value of education, both at the individual and societal levels. Its members discuss with parents and students the importance of pursuing excellent education, becoming lifelong learners and developing the skills and knowledge necessary to create opportunities for themselves and for others.

As an experienced educator who has worked in different international educational settings, one would expect that the obtaining of good grades and general academic achievement would be dominant themes. However, the conversations I have had with so many students, parents and colleagues has made me sharply aware that, in the grand scheme of things, it is more than just grades that matter.

There is no doubt that parents invest in their children’s education because they believe that education plays a vital role in their children’s development and in their future careers.

As Nelson Mandela once said: “Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”. Young people are ready to go into the world and contribute their talents. Their education will allow them to make a better life for themselves and for those around them. It also gives them more freedom, and with that freedom comes new responsibilities particularly as they move from familiar surroundings into the exciting environment of overseas study. This change will require them to exercise a greater degree of self-discipline. They will have to evaluate and monitor their own progress as they work to achieve their academic, social and athletic goals. They will be held more accountable for their actions and must begin to think carefully about the decisions they make and the friends they choose. Decisions, though, are not irreversible. Choices can be reviewed and changed if necessary, and as young people set off from their own home town, I hope that many of them consider making some special choices. As Laura Bush said “The first choice is to believe in something larger than you … to get involved in some of the big ideas of our time.”

To young people: one choice I hope young people make is to do something to contribute to our nation after their university graduation. It is my firm belief that our young people have the skills and talents to help solve problems and to ensure that opportunities are exploited – they have the chance to make important contributions to the future of their country.

Throughout all of this it is important, of course, to remember that we must also cherish human connections: the relationships with family, friends and communities. During their school years it will have been impressed upon them that dedication and hard work is essential for a successful career and it is sound advice. But as important as their obligations as a doctor, lawyer or business leader will be their humanity and those human connections – with spouses, children, and friends – which are the most important investments they will ever make and will be the joy of the every day which we all need in our lives.

The future comes with many knowns and unknowns, opportunities, and challenges. With the rapid change in society in this era of technology and innovation, education becomes more important than ever. That said, the team at QL International Education understands that opportunity is not a reality for everyone. This is where young people can use their education as a positive force. With education and awareness, the Team hopes to help young people look for ways to create similar chances for others, with the aim of offering various youth programmes and education counselling. This will enable students to achieve a much more ‘International’ approach, feel and act as  global citizens, while still maintaining their own identity.

QL International Education Team is committed to providing educational services and products aimed at the empowerment of each individual student for their success in our global society.

I would like to take this opportunity to thanks parents, friends and colleagues for their trust, continued support and wonderful inspiration to the Team of QL International Education.

I wish young people all a great adventure on your road ahead.

Explore, Dream and Discover

Dr Nguyen Thi Quynh Lam